Add, Change, Remove or Reset PowerPoint 2007 password

How can we do if forget PowerPoint 2007 password? Most people want to know how to forget to add the ppt file, because they do not want any people like Tom, Dick or Harry on the PowerPoint presentation that looks contain important information. In the meantime, ask other people how to remove PowerPoint password if you forgot it. Follow these steps to know how to manage PowerPoint presentation that password. Including, as a password on a PowerPoint presentation on how to protect a password and PowerPoint presentation on how to recover PowerPoint Password, even if you accidentally lost or forgotten password to open the add.

Add a password to open the PowerPoint 2007 presentation

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint presentation, click the Microsoft Office button, choose Prepare, and then point to encrypt document

Step 2: In the Encrypt Document dialog box, type a password in the Password box, and then click OK.
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The password is case sensitive.

Step 3: Confirm Password dialog box appears, in the Reenter password box, enter the same password again, and then click OK. Save your PowerPoint file.

If you suspect you might have forgotten the password, write it down in a safe place. Even if the person using the password set to it, is the only way to remove a forgotten password or PowerPoint by using a 3rd party utility such as PowerPoint Password Recovery Password Recovery

Open a password-protected PowerPoint File

After adding a password every time you open now you locked your PowerPoint files, it opens an input of the password dialog.
Only when you enter the correct password in the box and click OK, you can password-protected PowerPoint file.

If you share your presentation with someone, do not forget to give them the password!
Remove a password from your PowerPoint 2007 presentation

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint presentation, click the Microsoft Office button, choose Prepare, and then point to encrypt the document.

Step 2: Encrypt Document dialog box, delete the encrypted password in the Password field, and then click OK.

Step 3: Save your PowerPoint presentation file.

PowerPoint Recover password if you forget your password

If you have forgotten or lost your password PowerPoint 2007, I think the best choice for the PowerPoint presentation file is open, recover PowerPoint Password with the third part of password recovery utility. PowerPoint Password Recovery is a professional PowerPoint Password Recovery tool can recover PowerPoint Password 2007 with a few easy steps. To change the password for MS PowerPoint document with PowerPoint Password Recovery recovery is as easy as a pie!
Tips and Warnings

Office Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery solution for recovering all types of lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel tables, Microsoft Access databases.

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