Forgot Laptop Password? Just Keep Clam

“I forgot my laptop password windows 7! Any fast hacks to get in it? Please help me its urgent! I have no other accounts without a password. And the start in safe mode thing does not work for me.”

Keep clam! Nothing to worry about when you forgot laptop password windows 7. All you need is to reset laptop password with Windows Password Key in 5 minutes! This is a professional windows password recovery. 100% security is guaranteed. 100% success rate is guaranteed. Easy to use for everyone, even for newbie.

At first, please check if you have the following things´╝Ü

1. A PC that you can log in as administrator
2. A USB flash drive

Note: you have stored something important on the USB drive, please have a backup at first.

Once these things are at your hand, you can start to reset laptop password windows 7 with Windows Password Key Enterprise. Here’s a simple guide on how to crack password on laptop with this tool.

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Key Enterprise.
Step 2. Insert a USB flash drive and burn a bootable USB disk
Step 3. Boot from USB drive
Step 4. Reset laptop password

When Windows Password Key appears, Select your dell system (Windows 7) -> select the account that you want to reset password of -> click Change password button. Enter your new password and click OK. Then the forgotten dell Windows 7 password will be changed to the new one in seconds. After that, click Reboot button to restart your computer.( Please remove the bootable USB drive during restarting.)

Make it! In addition for Windows password recovery issues, Windows Password Key also enables you to reset the lost password to blank or create a new admin account to access your computer. It is also a great option when you need to crack laptop password.

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