You Can Reset Lost Acer Password Even on Windows 8

On Oct 22, Taiwan personal computer maker Acer Inc reported third-quarter net profits of NT$68 million ($2.3 million) and it hopes that by the end of next year it will have about 30 percent of the global ultrabook market, which features touchable screens and the Windows 8 system.

Acer is eyeing the high-end consumer market following the release of good Apple Inc and Samsung revenues. Executives said the newly issued Windows 8 could be “the last chance” to help the company back on its feet.

This is a good news for all of our Acer users. We can see that Acer has been focusing on produce all kinds of products that can run the windows 8 operating system. It value strong cross-platform ability on windows 8. It requires a lot effort for a software company to introduce hardware products, especially Acer. But in the long run, it is set to lift the presence of Windows in the table market for Acer. The rapid growth of the tablet and smartphone markets has been hitting the margins of PC makers. Greater pressure comes from other hardware manufacturers, especially Acer.

However, many users may wonder about what if lost acer password windows 8 and can not access laptop? In fact, it is a problem, it is a way. Users can still use the third party software to recover forgotten Window 8 acer password. As many password reset tools support Windows 8 once it is released, such as Windows Password Recovery, Windows Password Key, etc.

Here I highly recommend Windows Password Recovery. Maybe you haven’t heard it before yet. So What is Windows Password Recovery?

Windows Password Recovery is an easy-to-use tool designed for resetting Windows local account or domain passwords on any Windows system, including windows 8. It Supports various brands of desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and server, including Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, Lenovo, ASU, etc. No matter how long and complicated the password is, you can reset any windows password on any laptop in 3 minutes and few clicks.

How to recover acer password windows 8 with Windows Password Recovery?

Step 1. Access other PC which isn’t locked, download Windows Password Recovery from and install it.
Step 2. Burn a password reset disk. You can choose CD/DVD or USB.
Step 3. Connect the nearly created disk with the locked Acer laptop, config bios setting to make sure it boot from the password reset disk, reboot the computer.
Step 4. Select the user account you want to reset acer password windows 8 and click Reset button to remove the user password. The password will be reset in seconds.
Step 5. Click Reboot button to restart computer. Please remember to the inserted bootable disk during restarting.
Step 6. Disconnect the password reset disk, and restart hp laptop. You will login Windows with a blank password.

With the bootable Windows password recovery CD/DVD or USB drive, you can instantly reset lost acer password windows 8 by taking the above steps. In fact, this burned bootable disk, you can also reset login password for acer with any other Windows Systems, and any other PC brands running on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows servers.

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