How to recover Powerpoint Password?


I have three PowerPoint files that were password protected. Can someone point me to legitimate software (paid or free) that can open them up? I did a search and found many hits but am worried about virus/trojan infested file. I am willing to pay for it. The files are 30 mbs each.

MS PowerPoint presentations can add pizzazz to a meeting or event. If you do not want people to plagiarize your presentation once you have completed it, you can set a password so no one to prevent access to it. Microsoft Office is that a hacker encryption prevents the penetration of your file. The disadvantage of this powerful encryption is that if you have forgotten your password, Microsoft will not help you get into your file. Your only option is a product of a third party to recover PowerPoint password.

Of course the first thing you need to check whether your password is case-sensitive. Make sure that Caps Lock is on, or the password again to make sure that you did not mistype.

Still can not open the PowerPoint file with a password or lost password? Then how would you recover ppt password with a direct way?

PowerPoint Password Recovery is a professional password recovery tool to restore ppt/pptx password with a high recovery rate in PowerPoint were created MS Office 2007.

Next, restore the following detailed step instructions on using PowerPoint Password PowerPoint Password Recovery.

Step 1: Download Powerpoint Password Recovery works with any PC from its official website

Step 2: Click Open to view the PowerPoint document you want to decrypt you to import the password

Step 3: Choose to be an attack have forgotten your password.

Note: There are three types of attacks are as a reference, try to find a suitable use to restore PPT password.

With the lighter and easy steps, you will recover the password with this portable DIY PPT Powerpoint Password Recovery? Learn how to recover PPT Password.

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2 Responses to How to recover Powerpoint Password?

  1. Jess says:

    I used your tutorial when I forgot my PPT password, and all the passwords including the open password and the Edit password are all discovered and removed, thank you guys, this is important to my company!

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