How to Remove Password Word 2010 – Tricks to Open Password Protected Word Document

Suppose that you are one of the Microsoft Word 2010 users, you would like open your Word 2010 to draw up some good ideas in your mind, but the password you had created was been lost and all of a sudden you looked at the Word 2010 document with a blank expression. You just need to open it but as a result you let your inspiration disappeared within seconds. What a tremendous loss it is!

You may hate yourself and condemn your stupid password, but actually it is your angry words, the main point is to find out your Word 2010 password or remove Word password directly and forever. That seems to be quite difficult; however, you remembered that the teacher told us nothing difficult if you put your heart into it when we were at school. Therefore you made a decision to find out the lost Word 2010 password or seek something useful solutions to help you.

You found and found for a whole day, hoping that a magic method came to your eyes. You had to stay clear-minded, remain calm and concentrated and to do this well. As a result, you couldn’t find any free methods but you have several tools to be chosen. You contrast all of them and made up your mind to utilize a tool called SmartKey Word Password Recovery to remove password Word 2010 and you got high hopes for it.


SmartKey Word Password Recovery is an attractive instrument for anyone who forgot their password and need to recover or remove protection Word document password, it supports nearly all the versions of Microsoft Office Word from 97-2013. Its three effective attack types, Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack are the most professional technology in the world and what’s more it is the fastest password recovery program up to now.

How to use this Word password recovery app on the version of 2010 and on your own? Here is the general idea about it.

Step 1: Download and install it from a computer and then click Open to open protected Word document immediately;
Step 2: Choose the option of Recover the password and click Next, then you will enter another user interface and there are three attack types on it;
Step 3: Select whatever type you need to use and then click Start, for a while your password will be turned up and you can use your password to open password protected Word 2010 file. After opening you can remove or reset the password or to do nothing on it.

From then on, it made a difference to your life. You frequently recommended this Word password removal to your friends who happened to lose their Word password. You spoke highly of this app and so did your friends. You all amazed at this software for its convenience and speediness.

However, they don’t quite understand what the three attack types are, so you asked them for visiting this link for more details. That is amazing!

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4 Responses to How to Remove Password Word 2010 – Tricks to Open Password Protected Word Document

  1. Amit Sharma says:

    Unfortunately i forgot my word 2013 password and not getting removed by the softwares i have, Please help me if any body can…..

  2. Allen says:

    Thanks for your article. But my Word version is 2007, can the tool help me recover my lost password?

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