How to Unlock Windows 7 Password Without CD/DVD Drive?

unlock windows 7 passwordWhen you forgot Windows 7 password and search on internet, you will find out  lots of solutions of Windows 7 password unlocker which require you to boot the PC from a bootable CD/DVD. So, suppose you have no optical drive,  how can you unlock it? Here offers 2 methods for you.

Solution 1: Employ External Hard Drive
It seems quite simple, but you maybe ignore it. Inserting an external hard drive to your lock computer will solve you Windows login problem quickly. This solution applies to Windows password reset disk, windows installation disk, system repair disc or other kind of system recovery disk.
Go on reading the following solution to unlock Windows 7 password if you don’t have it or won’t purchase it either.

Solution 2: Get a password reset Program that could make a bootable USB
Windows password reset program on the internet enable you to make a password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive, like Windows Password Key .
Windows Password Key professional version supports USB, while its standard version supports CD/DVD . The operations are very easy to follow, as long as you can read, you can handle it.
Overall Guide:
1. Download  and install Windows Password Key professional in a computer that you can run as administrator, of course, not your locked PC.
2. Burn the tool to a USB flash drive.
3. Set BIOS of your lock computer to boot it from the USB flash drive.
4. Unlock Windows 7 password with bootable USB flash drive as its guidelines.

Not only windows password reset tools are able to create a bootable USB flash drive, some windows system recovery software also support creating a bootable USB drive to clear password.
With these two methods of Windows 7 password unlocker you won’t worry about the lack of hard drive. Are they helpful? If so, try it right now!

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