Word Password Removal – How to Remove Microsoft Word 2010 Password

Microsoft Office Word software seems to be well-known and widely used by every person. Perhaps when you begin to touch a computer, you can see the Microsoft Word icon in the desktop. If you are curious about what Word is, you would click the shortcut with your mouse and open this famous office software. Even though the Office Word has developed to the version of 2013, many people still use the Word 2010.

With a Word 2010 document you can quickly edit your words and data in a friendly interface. Certainly, you can also create a password on it if you would like to stop other person hacking into your Word document. However, once the password is created, you are able to get rid of it. Therefore, do you know how to remove Word 2010 password of your document? Here are two situations you can see.


Scene 1: How to remove Word password in 2010 when you remember it

If you have created a password but now it is quite troublesome for you to type your password when you open protected Word document. Thus, you are tired of typing the password and you want to remove protection Word password, you can try the last time to type the correct password, and then click the Word button in the top left corner, in the file option you can select Info and then remove Word password with the instructions. It is so easy that with a simple guide you can know how to do it.

Scene 2: How to remove password Word 2010 when you forgot it

Do you know how to remove Word 2010 password of Microsoft when you can’t open password protected Word 2010 document? I am afraid that you have to use a Word password recovery tool because Microsoft is by no means to find out the encrypted password. At the same time, SmartKey Word Password Recovery is the better program to recover encrypted Word document password. To speak of, it supports the password recovery of all the Word versons. Now let’s see how to use it as below:

Step 1: Download this Word password removal and install it to your computer.

Step 2: Insert your locked Word 2010 document to this app and then choose the recovery mode – Recover the password. Then click the Next button.


Step 3: Read the three password attack types and then click one as your selected type and then click Start button.


Step 4: Within a while you will see the password of the Word 2010 file and then you can use the password to open password protected Word document and then remove Word password forever.


It turns out to be no difficulty to remove password Word 2010. I think this will be a useful tip for you.

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  1. JasonWhite says:

    not so bad, i will have a try to remove my Word password

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